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If you’re looking for top-rated dentists in Naples, FL that offers affordable pricing and specializes in many areas of dentistry, then look no further than our professional team. We’re committed to providing the best-rated dental services in Southwest Florida.

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What Makes Our Dental Office Stand Out In The Local Market

For over 40 years, our dentists at Naples General and Cosmetic Dentistry have proudly served hundreds of families, tourists, and snowbirds in Southwest Florida. Our reputation of being the dentistry for all ages was built by our unswerving dedication to patient care and our commitment to providing the personalized attention you deserve.

With the option of financing your procedure, exam, or cleaning with Greensky or Care Credit, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have low, easy-to-make monthly payments with your bill. Feel free to come in to see if you qualify for either of these services.

If you have either Cigna-DPPO or United Concordia-Elite Plus, our staff will happily accept payment from them and if you have any other insurance we will fill out the forms online for you. If you’re unsure if you have these specific plans, contact our office.

We welcome everyone of all ages, so if you have a family with teenagers, kids or seniors, we can help you. Our dental office has plenty of space and amenities in the waiting room that will make the time spent here welcoming and quick. Also, our individual rooms are large enough to allow you to be in the room with your loved one during their check-ups and procedures.

For those looking for a dentist that offers specialized senior services, our dental office is the right choice for you and your loved one. Being in Naples for so long has given us an excellent opportunity to develop the necessary skills to effectively handle the problems a majority of seniors face when aging.

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    Tentatively schedule your dental appointment below, and we’ll call you to confirm your appointment and give you available times.

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        Need a Question Asnwered? We’re Waiting To Hear From You!

        (239) 262-1535

        Need a Question Asnwered? We’re Waiting To Hear From You!

        (239) 262-1535

        Types of Dental Services We Offer in Naples, Florida

        As a full-service dentist office in Naples, FL, we are equipped and prepared to handle almost any procedure. We have 2 full-time top-of-the-line dentists and 3 full-time very skilled hygienists that work in our office that collectively have over 40 years of experience. Below you will find what dental services we place most of our efforts on each day.

        Having better teeth positioning, shape, alignment, and color are easily possible with our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Have you ever wanted a beautiful aesthetic smile that never stains? Crowns and Veneers made of high-quality zirconia/ porcelain don’t stain and are stronger than enamel.

        Cleaning your teeth regularly is important, but it won’t be as effective as our teeth whitening services when it comes to having a beautiful whiter smile. Over time teeth stain due to everything we put in our mouth (chocolate, meat, drinks, etc.). Whitening does not damage the teeth, it basically deep cleans the enamel.

        Want a great way to get permanently whiter teeth, close gaps, or straighten your smile? Veneers could be an option for you. They are thin porcelain facings that cover the front and eating surface of each tooth. This requires minimal preparation.

        Our dental office focuses heavily on providing implant services for single implants, implant bridges, and hybrid denture implants. Dental Implants are a revolutionary technique enabling you to replace a missing tooth and recapture the aesthetic nature of your smile.

        Though every local dentist in the area provides both Zirconia and Emax crown procedures, our competitive prices keep our customers and their friends and family coming back to us. We use locally owned and operated laboratories that are artistic and use high-quality materials.

        A simpler, inexpensive approach to replacing missing teeth is with our dental bridge procedures. This type of service can be done with a couple of easy visits. Bridging the open space after a prematurely extracted tooth. This procedure is fixed and not removable, therefore, it looks and feels like natural teeth.

        Gone are the days of needing braces to straighten teeth, and with our Invisalign services, we can help. Clear aligners that are replaced every few weeks slowly move the teeth into a straighter smile. Straighter teeth are not only easier to clean, but healthier for chewing.

        With the help of a cosmetic makeover, you can have your oral aesthetic features reshaped, resized, and redone. We can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. You can choose the color, shape, and anatomy of your teeth.

        Grinding and erosion can permanently damage your teeth, but with the help of a full mouth reconstruction, we can give you the smile you had before or the one you have always wanted. This can be due to your bite, medications, disease, etc.

        Many people don’t like the appearance of their teeth – whether the natural shape may not look appealing, or because of grinding throughout the years. Our team of tooth contouring and shaping professionals can give you permanent results that will make you feel more confident while you speak, laugh and smile.

        Our general dentistry services pertain to the ongoing maintenance of ones oral health; whether it be for regular dental checkups, cleanings, exams, treatments, and so on.

        Having your teeth checked by a specialist periodically with dental exams can help with the prevention of dental and gum disease. Our dentist do a thorough exam of the teeth and gums each visit and check for oral cancer. Oral cancer is the only cancer that is on the rise and should be checked on a regular basis.

        Our professional teeth cleaning service should be done at least twice a year should be a minimum for overall health. Our highly educated and registered dental hygienists are experts in their field. They all educate and thoroughly clean the teeth, stimulating the gums to become healthier.

        Flossing and brushing your teeth every day is not enough to maintain healthy gums and teeth when you have periodontal disease. Coming to see our very skilled hygienists every 3-4 months is necessary to manage the disease. Periodontal disease has been linked to multiple systemic diseases and should be managed.

        A root canal treatment is vital for individuals that are facing decay or an infection in their tooth. This is a vital treatment that can increase the longevity of your infected tooth by removing any damaged areas within it.

        Looking for inexpensive digital dental X-ray imaging in Naples, FL by professional dentists? Our staff can assist you. You will get less radiation than 10 minutes in the sun and our entire staff is certified.

        Tooth extractions may be necessary should the teeth start to decay, have an unfixable chip, have issues with the nerves, and much more. Though tooth extractions may sound uncomfortable, our dentists make the process easy-to-bear.

        With our affordable dentures in Naples, FL, you can get your life back to the way it was a lot faster for a fraction of the industry-average prices. Dentures, both partial and complete, are ideal for people seeking a cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution that requires minimal effort each day to deal with. Thanks to modern technology, dentures now look more natural and are more comfortable than ever before.

        Getting our composite tooth-colored fillings will provide a tooth-like appearance that is long-lasting and won’t stain the enamel. We use high-quality composite material with the newest technology.

        Single/Hybrid (all on 4)- Do you currently have a tooth that has been damaged? Our dental implant restoration services can get your bite back to normal again. Hybrid dentures are the newest technology for restoring smiles with minimal ridges and less costly than having an implant placed for each missing tooth. Our hybrids are fabricated of the highest quality zirconia and chew like natural teeth. Single implants are restored with the same zirconia and custom made abutments.

        We offer a variety of dental mouth guards for night use, day use, when playing sports, and snoring. Guards are used for bruxing and protecting the teeth from unwanted wear of the enamel. Sports guards are custom made to protect the teeth and provide comfort for the athlete. Want better sleep, have your snorer come in for a snore guard.

        Message From Our Founder

        We appreciate you showing interest in our dentist office. We all try very hard to make our dental family, your dental family.

        Our office goal is to make you feel at home and to educate our patients so you can make an educated decision for your dental health. We offer a wide range of dental procedures to try to accommodate as much as we can in the office. We are a general dental practice that emphasizes making your smile beautiful. Affordability is as much of a concern for us as it is for you. We always try to keep costs down, without compromising our work and products.

        We offer 24-hour phone service to extend our emergency services. You can call or text the phone, making weekend mishaps no worry.

        If there are any questions or concerns with treatment or finances, don’t ever hesitate to ask. Thank you for viewing our site.